The Renaissance Program

Re-Humanizing the World

Learning from the Renaissance Today

The Renaissance Program identifies and studies the core ideas that gave birth to the Italian Renaissance—the most profound period of human and cultural transformation in Western history.

It then applies these ideas today through the development of innovative educational programs, to improve our individual lives and social institutions—to make them more vibrant, flourishing, satisfying, and effective.

Twelve Core Ideas

The Renaissance Program focuses on twelve core ideas that inspired the Renaissance and allowed it to emerge as a transformative cultural movement—the values of which inspired profound levels of excellence, creativity, and human flourishing.

Significantly, all of these ideas remain important and applicable today.

What are the twelve ideas? Download a free overview today:


The Renaissance Program in Florence

In addition to its other work, the Renaissance Program offers an immersive, five-day course set in the heart of Florence—the unforgettable birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

The Renaissance Program in Florence offers an in-depth introduction to the most important ideas and figures of the Renaissance along with visits to the central sites and artworks of the Florentine Renaissance. It’s the ultimate experiential and crash course in “everything Renaissance”—from the underlying humanistic ideas to the most profound artworks those ideas inspired.

The Living Ideas Journal

Sponsored by the Renaissance Program, the Living Ideas Journal offers free articles on how the humanities can contribute to and deepen modern life.

Many of these articles relate to subjects and ideas from the Renaissance. Visit the Living Ideas Journal website today:

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