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We diligently work to preserve the original meaning of the humanities, as they were developed in the Renaissance, recognizing them as enduring resources that can enrich individual lives, enhance society, and contribute to the common good.

The Renaissance Program is committed to crafting exceptional educational programs and learning resources to help achieve this aim, and your support is crucial.

Your generosity, through donations of any size, significantly aids the Renaissance Program and our online publication, the Living Ideas Journal.

Your support for the Renaissance Program in Florence, Italy, is also vital for its ongoing development.

Some of our Recurring Annual Expenses

  • Website hosting: $600
  • Graphic design and other software-as-a-service: $1,100
  • Mailing list software: $600
  • Accounting service: $600

Special Projects You Can Support

  • Help underwrite one day of the Renaissance Program in Florence, Italy. Suggested donation: $1,500.

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